Terracotta-tiled roofs, warped red-and-white adobe walls and narrow cobblestone streets give the sizable town of Pátzcuaro the air of a large village. Unlike the Spanish-founded cities of Morelia and Guadalajara, Pátzcuaro took root in the 1320s as part of the Tarascan Empire, two centuries before the conquistadors arrived. With its tangible indigenous feel, it remains little affected by modern interference.

History whispers from the cobwebbed louvers that overlook the lively but hassle-free streets fanning out from the city's attractively landscaped Plaza Vasco de Quiroga. Adding to the atmosphere, Pátzcuaro hosts one of the most dramatic Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico. It's also handily placed for exploring Lago de Pátzcuaro, just 3km to the north, and the craft-making Purépecha villages that cluster around its shoreline.

Make advance reservations during holidays and bring warm clothes from November to February - you're at altitude here and it gets frigid.



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