Different tutors offer different experiences.


Student / Tutor /volunteer

"My name is Alison. I am currently studying English literature at UNAM, the best university in the country. I was born in Mexico City and have lived here all my life. However, my family is from the United States and I have spoken English since I was a toddler. I am very interested in art: film, paintings, music and, of course, literature. I enjoy dancing -quite badly- , singing and am a coffee enthusiast. I have taught Spanish to foreigners for a year and a half. I am a very patient and fun teacher who is eager to communicate with others and explore different cultures and ways of thinking."


Tutor/ Tourism business

Hi. My name is Pamela and I am originally from Mexico City. I love sports and I do gymnastics. I like languages and studied a little bit of German, French and Russian. I studied tourism business administration and of course I'm in love with the heritage and the cultural richness of Mexico.



My name is Fernando. I studied Hispanic literature. I am a

writer and I have two story books. I am very interested in

all the artistic expressions specially theater. I have been

teaching Spanish for 9 years and Art History for 5 years. I

love the culture of my country and the nights in my city..

Ernesto (Teto)

Tutor / Account Manager / Volunteer /Guide

Hello my name is Ernesto, I have been a Spanish teacher for 3 years and I am the founder of HOLA MEXICO HOLA. I am a very relaxed person and interested in a lot of current issues that we can talk about in our classes. For example, I love history and travel! That´s why I worked as assistant to the editor of Lonely Planet for 4 years.

Our current way to learn languages is very interesting and I am happy to be one of the teachers. I have a lot of experience in teaching and learned about languages. Now, I am very excited that HOLA MEXICO HOLA has become reality. You can look forward to taking classes with me or any of the other teachers. It will be a new and different experience Emoticón smile.


Marketing / Tutor

Hey! I'm Charlie, a proud "defeño" and a party guy. During the day I work creating content for brands in social networks, public relations, creative campaigns; digital marketing basically. I'm a self-taught professional focused on design and advertising but also passionate about films and music, pretty much music. I consider myself a lover of the city: inspired by its colours, people, food and the diversity that you can find in every single corner... that most likely I've explored late at night..“