Cultural learning of language 

Hola México Hola is a customizable course intended for foreign students who are staying in México and who need or want to learn Spanish while getting a different experience involving the language. The classes we offer are one hundred percent customizable. We follow a learning system and make pauses in the areas which are more important to the student; by doing this, students can get a unique, cultural learning experience. By taking this course on a daily basis in an everyday mexican context, students can speak, communicate and understand Spanish in a 4 month period. (As long as the student follows the complete course and he or she gets some practice everyday inside and out of the lessons.)


After 3 years closely watching student's needs, we have created a course that takes advantage of the spanish language and mexican culture by mixing them; Hola México Hola is conceived for those who long for an educational and cultural spanish language experience.

Why Hola México Hola lessons?

 Throughout our teaching experience, we have concluded that popular education is the most effective

way to learn. That's why we combined basic language lessons (such as grammar, conversation, reading and listening) with the true living-in-México experience.

Our courses target travelers and those who work and live in México for a number of different reasons. Professors are qualified as tour guides, they know popular topics (politics, business, culture, art, gastronomy, history, human rights, current situation of the country, etc.) and are online most of the time. By hiring our services, students do not get only lessons, but also themed tours, professional accompaniment to places that lure student's interests, whatsapp queries about any topic related to spanish or places inside Mexican borders, students gatherings (Noche de Español) and trip suggestions based on work done by Ernesto A. Alanis, assistant to Phillip Tang, Lonely Planet México and Lonely Planet México City editor (Around México City). Personalized attention and a motivation to teach the true mexican culture based on our native experience is what distinguishes us from others. We are passionate about teaching, this is why we faithfully believe in the way we connect our students with the language and culture.


The future of Hola México Hola is:

* to keep awakening interest in mexican culture whilst teaching spanish

* to grow and stretch out in mexican territory without losing the essence of our popular, experienced educational model

* to look for a solidary approach that supports other projects and civil or independent organizations that follow a similar line as ours.

We will find the way for our students to be able to volunteer in different projects seeking to bring help to a number of common causes inside México's borders.

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